Меховой подушка Relax 55/4 Soft Brown для кошек и собак, коричневая, 55x36 см

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Made of eco-friendly fur, with inner padding, the Relax Soft cushion for dogs and cats is really comfortable and extremely soft! Ideal on its own, it can be used as a bed for your four-legged friend, or combined with a rigid plastic Siesta Deluxe bed. The number after the slash refers to the size of the Siesta Deluxe bed with which the cushion can be used. For example, the Relax 55/4 cushion can be used in combination with the Siesta Deluxe 4 bed.Relax Soft will undoubtedly be able to satisfy different tastes, thanks to the different colour combinations offered, ideal both for modern and traditional environments.Easy to maintain, the cushions can be machine washed at 30° C. The range includes different sizes suitable for animals of all sizes. For example, you will find the Relax 45/2, 55/4, 65/6 and 78/8 models for cats and small dogs, while the larger models, like Relax 89/10 and 100/12, are perfect for medium-large sized dogs.
  • Дата публикации: 14.10.2019
  • Производитель: Ferplast

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